Japan’s bullet train collided with a man and not with an animal as claimed


In Japan, bullet train collided with an animal and broke as much as its #Vande_Bharat was broken in the past, no one said anything there, but like us here people need an excuse to make fun of their country !!!  This is a shame!!

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Social media users share a picture of a damaged nose of the train claiming it was Japan’s bullet train damaged over colliding with an animal. These posts were shared mentioning that the Vande Bharat train faced similar damage when collided with an animal as that of the damage suffered by Japan’s bullet train when collied with an animal. A few of the claims can be seen here, here and here.

What is the truth?

Vande Bharat train suffered damage twice colliding with an animal recently. Post this incident, damage of Japan’s bullet train is being compared with that of Vande Bharat train.

When the viral image is searched with google lens, it resulted in listing several articles of the same incident.

The Japan Times’ reported that the bullet train was damaged after it collided with a man who had intruded onto the tracks in June 2018.

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Misleading claims related to the Vande Bharat train were fact-checked by Youturn.

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Japan’s bullet train collided with a man and not an animal but suffered similar damages as that of the Vande Bharat train when collided with an animal.

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