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Giant man at Japan military parade | Secret video?


Secret video of Japan’s giant man!

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The video begins with a figured human walking like a mountain behind a man on horseback and people cheering with flags in their hands. Then they are ready to take a photo with that image. Finally, in a shop-like place, the figure’s face appears from behind a door. ” a video with such footage is spreading on the YouTube site.

Youtube link | Archive link

One of our followers sent the video link and asked us to comment on its authenticity. The video has been circulating the world for the past few years, claiming to be a secret video of a giant man attending a military parade in Japan several years ago.

Fact Check:

Some people say that the above scenes date back to the early 1800s, before the invention of movies. Because it looks like a sumo wrestler, some people claim to be the greatest sumo wrestler. In the video shown above, they even use the word Biblical Nephilim Giant.

However, all such information has nothing to do with the video. The footage, which is being touted as Japan’s secret video, was taken from the trailer video for the 2007 film “Big Man Japan”.

The film is a comedy and science fiction film about bizarre and vast creatures. They only take the black and white shots  and removed the colour scenes from the Big Man Japan trailer and shared it on social media.



In our search, we learn that the secret video of the giant man attending the Japanese military parade was taken from the trailer for the 2007 film Big Man Japan.


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