No, he is not Javed Hussain but Dileep Bhagel. Haridwar police says he was intoxicated to record the viral video.


This bhuslim Javed Hussain acting as Sadhu is threatening Hindus. And using abusive words towards Brhamins and Hindu’s. And irony is this guy is asking for  Bhiksha claiming as Sadhu in Harki Pauri Ghat Haridwar Uttarakhand. Save Hindu pilgrimage sites.

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A video showing a man saying that his name is Javed Hussain is viral on social media. He is seen saying “In this Haridwar, there are no Hindus, there are only Muslims. Allah made this river, Muhammad made this. Brahmins are dogs”. When he is questioned by the person recording the video if he knows Hindi Dharam he answers no to it.

Then the questioning person asks, “Will you hear such words when someone speaks about your religion(Islam) in front of you?” to which the man says, “No, I will slap him.”Then the questioning person says, “In Hindu dharam, I don’t do, and for your age, I won’t do”. The man appears to have been drunk.

This video is shared with the captions ‘Save Uttarakhand’ and hashtags including ‘Save Hindu Pilgrimage sites’. Some of the posts carrying this video can be seen here, here and here.

What is the truth?

When searching with relevant keywords we found that the man was intoxicated and that his name was not Javed Hussain but Dileep Bhagel. The X page of Uttarakhand Police posted another video of the same man where he is heard saying his name as Dileep Bhagel, son of Sri Bhagavathi Prasad Bhagel.

He further says, “Someone met me in Ganga ghat around 9.30, and mixed water with something & told me to say my name as Javed Hussain but my real name is Dileep Bagel.”

The post is captioned in Hindi and is roughly translated as “Taking cognizance of the viral video on Twitter, Haridwar police investigated and found that a person had given intoxicants to the alleged sadhu and made him use abusive language against the Hindu community and broadcast the video. Legal action has been taken against the alleged sadhu. Action is also being taken against the said person.”

The Uttarakhand Police X account is also seen replying this video to the posts that carries the ‘Javed Hussain’ video.


The video of a person saying that his name is Javed Hussain and abusing Hindus is found to be recorded after intoxicating him, says Uttarakhand Police. The person’s real name is identified as Dileep Bhagel.

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