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Has JIO rice arrived? | The photos that go viral on the internet real?


What you see in the picture is Ambani Reliance Jio jio lentil bundle.

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As a result of the new agricultural law, Reliance has started selling food items such as rice, pulses and wheat with its JIO logo. Photos of bundles of different colours in a design similar to being in a JIO SIM pocket have gone viral on social media.

In this, photos of two people filling food grains in bags with the “JIO” logo engraved in the food warehouse are going viral in India. Also, there is a trend on Twitter that people should ignore the food items introduced by Reliance under the JIO brand.

Fact Check:

During the farmers’ protest in Delhi against the new agricultural laws, slogans were raised calling for a boycott of products including Reliance’s JIO SIM. Meanwhile, the photos have gone viral as Reliance has started selling agricultural products under the JIO brand.

But the logo featured in these viral photos is not Reliance’s JIO brand. There is a difference between the two. According to the Reliance Industries website, “JIO” is a digital sector only. The JIO logo is only used for digital endeavours.

Reliance Retail is the umbrella of Reliance Group’s retail launch. In the food and groceries sector, Reliance Fresh, Reliance Smart and Reliance Market Store are operating. The JIO brand is for the digital category only. JIO does not sell food and groceries under the brand name.

If a brand is very popular among the people, then it is selling products under the same name in the same field or in another field. In order to get more marketing, small sales under the brand name of big companies occur all over the world.

This is one such thing. They sell agricultural products using the popular JIO brand name. Fake brand sales like this also happen in online business.

In the photos above, the pockets are designed in different colours and different designs with the JIO logo. Some even feature the name of the company selling.

However, the news that Mukesh Ambani is going to invest in agriculture is true. Following the success of JIO in the digital sector, Mukesh Ambani announced at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit in Delhi in 2017 that he was looking to launch new investments in sectors including agriculture, education and health. The company has launched a pilot project to connect Jiomart with a app called Reliance JIOKrishi.


In our search, the viral photos of Reliance launching sales of rice, pulses and wheat under the JIO brand were misleading. Reliance does not sell food and groceries under the JIO brand. Reliance Retail is doing just that. Photos of bundles being sold with fake JIO brand logo are going viral on social media.

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