This article is from Nov 17, 2020

Did Joe Biden kneel and apologize to George Floyd’s daughter?


The public beheading of a black American by white American police during the Trump administration caused a great deal of controversy not only in the United States but throughout the world. The new president of the United States apologizes on the knees of the dead black man’s daughter. Apologizing is more important than apologizing.

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When George Floyd was arrested by the police in the United States, the footage of him lying on the ground and strangled to death received worldwide condemnation. There have been various struggles in the United States for this.

Meanwhile, the photo has gone viral on social media, claiming that new president  Joe Biden, who won the US presidential election, knelt in front of the daughter of the George Floyd and apologized. Therefore, we decided to find out about its authenticity.

Fact Check:

A photo of Joe Biden kneeling in front of a child while searching for a reverse image has gone viral on social networking sites as a photo taken by Biden with child actor Dan Little from Ghana.

However, a photo of Joe Biden kneeling on on September 18 revealed that the boy next to him was not Don Little.

US presidential candidate Joe Biden has traveled to Detroit to campaign. Being with Joe Biden is mentioned as the son of the owner of the Three Thirteen store there.

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Corinne_perkins, Reuters’ North American editor, posted a similar photo on his Twitter page, noting that Joe Biden had gone to the Three Thirteen store to buy some supplies for his grandchildren.

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The photo was posted on Joe Biden’s Instagram page on September 15, citing the Detroit area. But, being in the photo does not share any information as to the daughter of George Floyd.


In our search, the information shared that Joe Biden, the newly elected President of the United States, knelt in front of George Floyd’s daughter and apologized was false. In the photo we can identify him as a boy from the Detroit area.


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