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Did Joe Biden invite Manmohan Singh to the inauguration ceremony?


Joe Biden invites Manmohan Singh to the inauguration ceremony.

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A report has been circulating on social media that Manmohan Singh has been invited from India to attend the inauguration of US President Joe Biden. There have been political teases and jokes that Manmohan Singh has been invited without calling on Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Followers are being asked us to investigate whether the call has actually been received or whether they have made such a title for Click Byte in videos on YouTube channels.

Fact Check:

While searching with keywords for whether Manmohan Singh was invited to Joe Biden’s inauguration, no credible news or pro-government information was released. No information was even shared on behalf of the Indian National Congress.

The New York Times reported on November 9 that the congressional committee was planning the inauguration of the president and vice president of the United States.

The inauguration ceremony is scheduled for January 20, 2020. Only U.S. officials and other personalities who have traditionally always sat on the podium are expected to attend. No information about the international guests attending the event was released in the report of the committee that planned the event.

Although many foreign dignitaries have been invited to visit their country’s capital, foreign leaders have not been invited to the US presidential inauguration.

Joe Biden, the newly elected President, had a strong relationship with India when he was Vice President and Senator. Joe Biden and Manmohan Singh are meeting for bilateral relations. Instead of focusing on it, they are spreading rumours that Manmohan Singh has been invited instead of Prime Minister Modi.


Even before this, there were rumours that Sri Rudra Japam mantras were chanted at the inauguration of Joe Biden and that US President Joe Biden knelt down and apologized to George Floyd’s daughter.

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