This article is from Nov 23, 2020

Was the Srirudra mantra recited before Joe Biden took charge of the government?


Before the new government took office in the US White House (before the Senate meeting began) Lord Shiva’s Sri Rudra manthra was recited and then started.

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A 3-minute video of Srirudra mantra chanting with Hindu scriptures before the new government took office at the White House has gone viral on social media. Followers are asked us to comment on its authenticity.

The New York Times reports that the new government in the United States is planning to hold an event on January 25.

A 4.19-minute video of the Vedas being recited at the White House on the YouTube channel HAC HinduAmericanSevaCommunities was released on October 15, 2014, while searching for keywords about the viral video. You can clearly see the shots being taken from a different angle in the viral video.

Giridhar Talla posted the currently viral video on his Facebook page on October 14, 2014. “The 145th birthday of Mahatma Gandhi was celebrated on October 2, 2014 at the White House. This is the fourth annual conference of the Hindu American Seva Community. ” He further added that this was not an official White House show.

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The Sri Rudra Mantra has been chanted at the 4-year conference organized by HinduAmericanSevaCommunities at the White House in the United States on the eve of Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday in 2014.


In our search, Sri Rudra mantra was held at a conference program hosted by the Hindu American Seva Communities in the White House in 2014. The video has been widely circulated that Joe Biden was involved before the government took over.

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