This article is from Mar 09, 2021

DMK MP Jagathratsakan is rumored to be joining BJP!


Jagathratsagan MP from DMK MP resigns… Information about the decision to join the BJP!

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Former Minister and Arakkonam DMK MP Jegathratsagan, who has been appointed in charge of elections in Pondicherry, has been rumoured to be leaving the DMK to join the BJP, according to reports circulating on social media.

According to the toptamilnews website, it has been reported that Jagathratsagan is leaving the DMK to join the BJP as the leadership has not agreed to field the Puducherry Chief Ministerial candidate on behalf of the DMK.

However, MP Jagathratsagan has denied the rumours circulating on social media about himself. In a statement, he said, “This morning, the party president accepted the leader’s order and was in talks with the Congress over the New Delhi state assembly election. I ask you not to believe the false news coming on me on social websites. ” I have lodged a complaint in cybercrime against those who spread false rumours and I am the Gopalapuram policeman forever.”


DMK MP Jagathratsakan has denied the news as he has to be leaving the DMK to join the BJP and she says it is a rumoured one.

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