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Journalist taking video without saving the victim of the accident? | What is the truth?


Digital India, a journalist who takes video without saving a woman who fell down in a road accident .. !! Inhumane animals.

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The following video has gone viral with the tag ‘distress of digital India’t and had thousands of shares on the Indian social networking site, claiming that two females who were involved in a road accident while crossing the road and a journalist took the video without helping them. We decided to find out its authenticity.

Fact Check

In the viral video, two people are filming on a video camera from the opposite direction when no one comes forward to help a person who has fallen on the road in a two-wheeler accident. Someone is filming the incident on the road from the terrace. However, the video is being shared without knowing where the incident took place and what the truth is.

It has only been reported on social media that the incident took place in India. No official news, no news about this video has been published on any of the websites. The August 3 JK State News Facebook page even mentioned the viral video, but not mentioning where it happened. The video has been highly viral in Indian languages ​​since August 3.

While doing a reverse image search by taking key frames from the video there have been several recordings of people. However, on August 2, the video was posted on the “Nepal News Nepal Khabar” Facebook page. In both the posts, journalists were referred to this action.

The incident may have taken place in Nepal and not in India. However, it is doubtful whether the accident was real or whether the shooting took place. At the beginning of the video, we were able to see a person standing upright with a falling person. In the first few seconds of the video you can see the person calling both of them with the camera in front of them.

There was no sign of blood in the area, as an injury on a person lying on the road. No one else was there to help before the two alleged journalists arrived. So, it could be understood as a video taken by someone from the floor when the shooting took place.



In our search, the incident where the journalist took the video without saving the woman who fell in a road accident was in Nepal, not India, and that the video was taken during the shooting.

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