Did Kabil Sibal say he will suicide if Ram Temple gets constructed? No!

The viral post is digitally altered and Kabil Sibal has not said anything about Ram Mandir constrution


Ram mandir opening is scheduled for 24th January 2024. Someone pls remind Kapil Sibal not to panic…. help is available

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The purported post of Rajya Sabha MP Kapil Sibal says, “I will stand by my word that I will commit suicide before the Ram Temple is constructed,” and it was published on July 29, 2020. Since the Ram Mandir’s opening date is quickly approaching, many social media users have shared this post making fun of Sibal and suggesting that someone remind him of his previous tweet. One can view one such similar claim here.

What’s the truth?

To determine if Sibal had made any such statements, we began our investigation by looking through his official X accounts. However, we were unable to locate any. Then, we used pertinent keywords to search for news stories; if he had made any such claims, they would have been widely reported. However, we were also unable to locate any reliable news coverage of this.

Finally, we discovered Sibal’s post from December 24, 2023, in which he labeled the viral claims as “fake” and rejected them.

Additionally, we discovered another post of his in which he explained that the Hindi translation of the same post is also “fake.”

It’s also interesting that there was only one kind of screenshot of this purported post that we could locate on social media. If Sibal had said any of these things, news outlets would have covered it extensively, and a lot more people would have shared it.

All of the aforementioned data clarifies that the screenshot of Sibal’s X tweet that is making the rounds on social media is fake and has been digitally altered.


Thus, we deduce that the widely circulated rumors regarding Kabil Sibal’s tweet claiming he will take his own life before the Ram Temple is built are a result of digital manipulation.

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Indu Meenakshi

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