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Did Dr. Kafeel Khan attend the Delhi Tractor Rally?


26.1.21 Dr Kafeel Khan, the notorious criminal who killed 50 Hindu children and has been released on bail found during a tractor rally in Delhi



Uttar Pradesh photo of Doctor Kafeel Khan sitting on a tractor with a turban has gone viral on social media, claiming that he attended a tractor rally in Delhi on January 26.

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We decided to investigate whether Kafeel Khan, who was released on bail really attended the Delhi tractor rally or not and where the viral photo was taken.

Fact Check:

This photo was taken from a video posted by Kafeel Khan on his YouTube channel on January 26, 2021. In that video, he talks about the exercises on the basics of the tractor. The background of the video looks like it was taken in the village and no other tractors were seen.

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The video was recorded on January 25, a day before the tractor rally in Langareyavas in Jaipur district. Kafeel Khan told India Today that he had hoisted the tricolour flag at the Shaheen Educational Institution in Jodhpur, Jaipur on January 26 and had not been to Delhi for the past one month and he was in Jaipur.

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On January 26, Dr Kafeel Khan posted two videos of himself hoisting the national flag with his wife, doctor Sabishta Khan, and brother, Adil Khan, on their Twitter page. It was retweeted by Kafeel Khan.

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Asked by a Twitter user if he was in the viral photo, he said, “ Yes. But not Delhi, Rajasthan village, ”Kafeel Khan replied with a video on his YouTube channel.

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Doctor Kafeel Khan shares a photo taken in the village of Rajasthan on January 25 on his Facebook page with the dress and turban in the viral photo.

In 2017, when 60 children died due to lack of oxygen at the Gorakhpur PRD Medical College Hospital in Uttar Pradesh, in that case Kafeel Khan, who wandering and provided oxygen to the suffered children and saved several children. He was released on bail for 9 months after being declared innocent.

Subsequently, he was jailed in Mathura on charges of inciting hatred during a protest at the Aligarh Muslim University against the Citizenship Amendment Act. However, the court overturned the National Security Act and granted him bail.


In our search, the information spread that Uttar Pradesh Gorakhpur doctor Kafeel Khan attended a farmers tractor rally in Delhi was false. He did not go to the Delhi rally. It is learned that they are spreading rumours by taking a screenshot from a video taken in Rajasthan which was taken on January 25.

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