This article is from Aug 15, 2020

A Photoshop photo spread as Kailasa’s currency!


Introducing the currency of Kailasa. It was declared as the Hindu Nation. Congratulations Nithi!



Nithyananda, who is on India’s wanted criminal list, has released a video of himself creating and living in the country Kailasa. Till this day, Nithyananda continues to release videos related to important events taking place in the country to keep him from being arrested. In addition, he continues to make announcements about the country Kailasa.

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Meanwhile, the above photo of Nithiyananda’s face engraved with Kailasa’s currency note has gone viral on social media. In support of Nithyananda, memes are spreading that Tamil is in the currency of Kailasa. Followers also asked about the authenticity of this information.

Fact check:

According to Tamil news reports, Nithyananda is about to introduce currency notes for foreign exchange and domestic use and the Reserve Bank of Kailasa to the country. And the country’s economic policy is ready in 300 pages. However, there are reports that the currency note will be released on Ganesha Chaturthi.

Before the official release, the above photo went viral on social media. Even on Kailasa’s website and social media pages, there is no information about the photo going viral.

All the social networking pages related to Kailasa and Nithyananda are referring to as “Kailasa” in English. However, the viral photo features “Reserve Bank of Kailasha”. Photoshop makers have failed to engrave the correct English lettering of Kailasa.


In our search, we came to know that the photo that went viral as Kailasa currency published by Nithyananda is not real but photoshopped.

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