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Fake video claiming that Kallakurichi student’s father tried to set himself on fire!




The post-mortem of the schoolgirl in Kallakurichi has been redone in the case. However, the parents did not attend it. While the police are investigating the matter, various rumours are being spread on social media.

This video is being shared that the student’s father came to the district collector’s office and tried to set himself on fire. In the video, the man with kerosene being poured on his body says, “They never let me live. I want to see the collector”. The scene of him being taken away while saying, “He is ruining my family” has been recorded.

What is the truth?

On 13th July, a welfare assistance program was held at Nagapattinam district collector’s office under the leadership of Minister Chakrapani. During the event, a person named Devendran from Perunaatanthoppu, Meletheru of Keelapoodhanur Panchayat near Tirumarukal suddenly poured kerosene on his body and tried to set himself on fire.

In the land belonging to Devendran, some people moved the fence and blocked it a few days ago. They also attacked his daughter who questioned it. A case has also been registered in this regard. It has been revealed in the news that he tried to set himself on fire in front of the district collector’s office to take appropriate action in this regard.

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The Kallakurichi District Police said, “They are spreading false news by linking the video that took place elsewhere with the Kallakurichi Kaniyamur school incident, to create agitation among the people. The public should not believe it,” on social media pages.

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It is not the father of the deceased school girl in Kallakurichi who attempted to set himself on fire in front of the district collector’s office as the video claims.

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