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Fake video that is going rounds as Kallakurichi school girl’s Tamil speech!


Tamil Elocution Competition at Srimathi’s school. Will this child commit suicide?



In the case of the death of a 12th standard schoolgirl in a Kaniyamoor private school in Kallakurichi district, the body of the girl was re-post-mortemed and handed over to her parents. Further, an investigation is being conducted on the death of the student. Posts are constantly being published across social media demanding justice for the student’s death.

Meanwhile, a 2-minute video of a student in school uniform speaking among the students in the classroom is going viral as a video taken when the Kallakurichi student participated in a Tamil speech competition.

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Many people are posting this video on social media pages saying that the student who spoke like this while participating in the Tamil speech competition will not commit suicide. The video posted on a Facebook page named ‘Bismillah Khan tntj’ has received more than 26 lakh views.

What is the truth?

The schoolgirl speaking in the viral video is not the private school girl who died in Kallakurichi. A complete video of the speech was published on 3rd March 2020 on the Gaumara Madalayam YouTube channel.

Several videos of Bhavatharani Gunasekaran, a student of Gaumara Madalayam School in Chinnavedampatti, Coimbatore, speaking during speech competitions and school programs have been released by the school and on YouTube channels.

A video of Coimbatore schoolgirl Bhavatharani Gunasekaran speaking is being wrongly circulated on social media as a student who died in Kallakurichi.


The video circulating that the girl who died in Kallakurichi was speaking in a Tamil speech competition held at the school is not true. The person in the video can be identified as another schoolgirl from Coimbatore.

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