This article is from Sep 15, 2020

Did Kalyanasundaram say that the people of Tamil Nadu are waiting for Seeman’s death?


I am not the only one who is waiting for the death of Seeman, the entire people of Tamil Nadu are waiting – Kalyanasundaram NTK Party.

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The internal party affair between Seeman, the co-ordinator of the NTK Party, and Professor Kalyanasundaram became a hotly debated topic on social media. Seeman, during his interview, made the harsh accusation that they were waiting for his death. Kalyanasundaram has been talking about this on various YouTube channels. Kalyanasundaram has posted on his Facebook page that he has sent a letter regarding leaving the NTK Party on September 10.

In this situation, the Thanthi TV News card is being shared that Kalyanasundaram said that not only him but also the people of Tamil Nadu are waiting for Seeman’s death. It can be identified as a fake news card, even in that fake news card being misspelt in Tamil too.



The video of Kalyanasundaram speaking on “Why should we vote for the Tamil Party” on Thandhi TV’s  program before the 2019 elections has been released on April 13, 2019. They took the index photo in it and did Photoshop.

Earlier, it was reported that a fake news card spread as Seeman asked party supporters to send funds to his own bank account instead of the NTK Party’s bank account.

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