Old video of Congress leader Kamal Nath’s conversation on Muslim vote bank is shared as recent


Kamal Nath is repeatedly exposing his chameleon nature.

After creating the drama of bowing down in Shri Bageshwar Dham, the entire focus is on Muslim votes.

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A video of Congress leader, Kamal Nath’s speech on Muslim vote bank where he is purportedly heard saying that they are destroyed if 90% of Muslims don’t vote for them is shared by Prashant Umrao, BJP Uttar Pradesh Spokesperson as per his Twitter bio. This video is shared with the claim that Kamal Nath is repeatedly exposed as his entire focus is on Muslim votes after him bowing down to the Bageshwar priest. This post is quote tweeted and retweeted in thousands.

The post reads in Hindi as “बार बार अपनी गिरगिट वाली फितरत को उजागर कर रहे हैं कमलनाथ।श्री बागेश्वर धाम में माथा टेकने का ड्रामा रचने के बाद पूरा ध्यान मुस्लिम वोटों पर।”.

What is the truth?

When searching with the keywords’Kamal Nath Bageshwar’ it is found that Kamal Nath visited Bageshwar Dham on 14, February 2023. The Times of India reported the visit on its Youtube channel with the title ‘Former MP CM Kamal Nath visits Bageshwar Dham, meets Dhirendra Shastri’.

When searching with the keywords ‘Kamal Nath Muslim votes’, we found that the viral video is from 2018 and not a recent one. The Times of India article dated 21, November 2018 is found carrying matching visuals from the viral video. The article mentions that Kamal Nath is heard saying in the video that if 90 percent Muslims don’t vote for them then they could suffer a huge loss.

A video on the NDTV Youtube channel dated 21, November 2018 titled: Controversy Over Kamal Nath’s Video On “Muslim Votes”, is found carrying the viral video clip. The description part mentions that the video was in circulation weeks before the Madhya Pradesh election. It also mentions “NDTV cannot vouch for the authenticity of the controversial video in which Kamal Nath appears to be addressing party men and urging them to ensure Muslim votes.”

Times Now reported the news on 21, November 2018 on its Twitter handle with the caption “Congress Leader Kamal Nath in the dock with ‘Muslim vote bank’ admission”.


It is found that an old video of Kamal Nath’s controversial speech on ‘Muslim votes’ is shared as recent.

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