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Did Kamal Haasan say that casteism increases through reservation?


Caste rage is further exacerbated by reservation. Reservation is not necessary if caste is to be eradicated. They must come to the top in life according to their merit. This requires hard work – Kamal Haasan



Kamal Haasan, leader of the MNM party, said, “Reservation cause furthers caste hatred. Reservation is not needed if caste is to be eradicated. ”

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Fact Check:

On March 23, the Dinakaran newspaper published this news item under the headline “I will not ask my groom for caste: Kamal says”. The news has also been published on the Dinakaran website.

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According to the report, Kamal Haasan had spoken about the reservation at the election campaign public meeting of the MNM in Puliyakulam area. While searching for the videos related to the meeting held in Puliyakulam area, a campaign video was found.

In the 29.24th minute, “Many of the asking to that Y=you have been caste removed from the application form, is it’ll eradicate the caste? my answer is yes, gradually it will happen a little bit by bit. I will take caste in my application accordingly. Next step, I will not ask who my friend is. I will not ask what caste the groom is going to come to me. This is true. That is how caste will disappear. It is not enough to just give a reservation. You have to say “you are my brother”. That is the real way to get rid of caste. ”

In the 19.25th minute, Kamal Haasan said, “The debate over whether or not there should be a reservation is another matter. During that discussion, I sat back, Mr Stalin, not caring about whether I liked it or not, whether they were united in ideology or not. I am the one who gave voice to the fact that this reservation will be there until justice is done to the poorest of the poor and those who have been rejected, even if there are 10 left. ”
Commenting on the news in Dinakaran, Mayilvakanan, the youth leader of the MNM party, said, “There is no such thing did Kamal says like reservation increasing caste hatred. Not sure how they spread. He is talking about the maximum reservation for the Vanniar, in the sense that the check should be paid only if there is money in the bank, otherwise it will become a bounce. Other than that, there is no such thing anywhere. ”
In an interview with the Thandi TV channel on March 15, Kamal said, “There should be a reservation. The reservation was invented for a reason, and that reason must remain until it is removed. ” When the Vanniar ask about the 10.5 reservation, what percentage of the caste-based census comes in should be reasonably available to them. He said he would have welcomed the completion of the caste-based survey.
Kamal Haasan did not say that reservation was not necessary to eradicate caste. Moreover, in public meetings and media interviews, Kamal Haasan has been says nothing against reservation.
Perhaps if Kamal Haasan had spoken like this, it would have become the headline and there would have been a lot of discussion in the media. But, there is no other news about this. It is also important to note why Dhinakaran did not even put that word in the headline of the message.


In our search, the newspaper claimed that the Kamal Haasan says that “caste hysteria is further exacerbated by reservation” is false news. No such words against the reservation were said by Kamal in recent campaign times.

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