This article is from Jan 01, 2021

Misinformation spread that Kamal Haasan did not insure his car!


As he has been travelling around the city maybe he forgot that it has been 10 months since the insurance for the car and the honesty of the hero expired. 



Actor and MNM’s party leader Kamal Haasan has been using his car which’s insurance has been expired and without renewing it, claiming that he is the pinnacle of honesty.

Inputting Kamal’s car number “TN07CS 7779” on the mParivahan App shows that the car’s insurance expires on March 6, 2020. People are asking questions about Kamal on social media with the information found in this App.


In Vahan ‘s website car number “TN07CS 7779” shows another Insurance expiration date as of March 6, 2022. The car’s insurance data is incorrectly displayed on the mParivahan App as of March 6, 2020, instead of showing as March 6, 2022

People are confused by this misinformation received by the mParivahan App’s data regarding Kamal Haasan car insurance. We ask people to not share misinformation.

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