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Did Karunanidhi deny Kamarajar and Janaki’s burial in the marina?


Karunanidhi refuses to accommodate Kamaraj and MGR’s wife Janaki Ammal’s burrial at Marina Beach – Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi Palanichamy

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When Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Palanisamy Edappadi was campaigning in the constituencies under his jurisdiction, a request was made to former Chief Minister Karunanidhi to bury Janaki Ammal, the wife of the late Chief Minister MGR, in the marina when she died. For that matter, the late chiefs could not be allowed to bury at Marina Beach.

Similarly, when Kamaraj died he also refused to be given a place on Marina Beach as he was also the former chief minister. On that basis, we told the Karunanidhi family that there was no way to bury him at Marina Beach.”
Edappadi Palanisamy’s explanation that Karunanidhi was not given a place at Marina Beach has gone viral on news and social media.
Fact Check:
It was widely reported on social media at the time of Karunanidhi’s death that Kamaraj had refused to give him a place in the marina as he was a former chief minister. Right away we were proving with evidence that it was a rumour.
The body of Kamaraj, who passed away on October 2, 1975, was laid to rest at the Rajaji Mahal in Chennai for public viewing and in honour of the leaders.

The next day, Kamaraj’s body was taken to the Gandhi Mandapam in Guindy and gunshots were fired in honour of the government. His sister’s grandson Kanagavel set fire to the wreckage where his body was. No official request has been made on behalf of Congress and family to bury the body of Aiya Kamaraj in the marina. As the former chief minister, he was not denied a place in the marina.

Janaki Ramachandran:

Janaki Ramachandran, MGR’s wife and Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu for 23 days, passed away on May 19, 1996. The new Karunanidhi-led government took office on May 13, just days before Janaki Ammal’s death.

Edappadi Palanisamy had said that Karunanidhi had refused to provide a place to bury Janaki Ramachandran’s body in the marina and had asked him to bury it in the Ramavaram garden. But we did not find any such file in the government orders.

We spoke to Wilson, the lawyer and DMK MP who asked place to burial of the Kalaignar in the Marina: –

Edappadi Palanisamy is lying. What they say is against the court record. In that case, no one seeking kalaignar for a place in the marina, the government showed Janaki Ramachandran an order as if the kalaignar had refused the place. The judge and I laughed at that. Because that order was not what they said it was. None of Janaki Ammal’s heirs demanded a place in the marina. ‘M.G.R. It should be buried in the home garden according to the government ‘was the oral request. The kalaignar immediately listens to the request and orders that ‘the government may bury it with respect’. So much was in that order. So Edappadi Palanisamy is lying that the kalaignar refused to place Janaki Ammal. ”

We spoke to Kumar Rajendran, son of Lata, one of MGR’s adopted children, about this: –

“They wanted Janaki mother’s body to be buried in the MGR garden. My grandfather (Janaki’s’ brother) Narayanan Mani told Jayalalithaa, who came to pay homage to Janaki’s mother, and the then Chief Minister, ‘We do not want to take Janaki’s mother out and bother her with traffic jams on the road, so we want to bury her inside the garden.’

Later, the kalaignar government told Ram Mohan Rao, the then ruler of Kanchipuram, the appropriate instructions. Burial in a private place requires the permission of the Collector. So they got a letter from him and got permission to bury Janaki’s mother’s body with state honours in the MGR garden. No one on behalf of the Janaki Amma / MGR family has asked or wanted to give Janaki Amma a place in the Marina.

Edappadi Palanisamy has been telling this lie again and again. Janaki’s mother gave their own place to the AIADMK office. We have been asking for years to put the Janaki Amma picture there and they never do it. We ask that the birthday and death of Janaki Amma should be taken as a state function as it is done for all Chief Ministers. AIADMK did not do that either. Edappadi Palanisamy was in Jayalalithaa’s team when Janaki Amma was the Chief Minister. He is shedding crocodile tears for Janaki’s mother today. When Jayalalithaa became the Chief Minister, Janaki did not put a picture of her mother in the General Secretariat. Later, when the kalaignar became the Chief Minister, Janaki picture of his mother placed in the General Secretariat. ”


In our search, Chief Minister Edappadi Palanisamy’s claim that Karunanidhi refused to accommodate Kamaraj and Janaki Ramachandran burial in the marina is misinformation.

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