Right-wing portrays “Karaikkal child murder” happened in Tamil Nadu !


A student’s mother in Tamil Nadu poisoned her daughter’s classmate for scoring higher marks than her daughter. The little kid is dead now. The rot that Dravidian ideology got TN into is horrible.

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 A mother in Karaikkal has poisoned her daughter’s classmate out of jealousy that the boy is better than her daughter in studies and also actively participates in cultural events. The boy had been admitted to the Karaikkal Government Hospital but the doctors were unable to save him resulting in his death. The right-wing Hindu Nationalist organisation, Indu Makkal Katchi, had tweeted on its official Twitter account that Dravidian ideology is the cause of the incident and Tamil Nadu is in a rotten state because of the Dravidian ideology

 What’s the truth ?

When we searched the origins of this incident, the couple Rajendran and Malathy reside in the Karaikkal, a part of the Union Territory of Puducherry. Their son, Bala Manikandan, is studying in 8th standard in a private school in Karaikkal.

On 4 September 2022, Sahayarani Victoria handed over a cool drink mixed with poison to a boy named Bala Manikandan studying in 8th standard at a school in Karaikkal, Puducherry.

As per the Police report, Sahayarani was jealous of the boy from her daughter’s class because he is doing better than her daughter in studies and other extracurricular activities. So, she poisoned a cool drink and deceived the school watchman, and handed the bottle to Bala Manikandan. After he consumed the cool drink, he was facing discomfort and was admitted to the hospital where he died due to complications caused by the poison.

From 2021, Puducherry is ruled by the NDA coalition government of N.R.Congress, BJP and a few independents. The leader of N.R.Congress, Ranagasamy, is the Chief Minister with BJP MLAs Sai J Saravana Kumar and Namasivayam in the cabinet.

Being a Union Territory, the Lieutenant Governor holds a much greater power over the Legislative Body as compared to a Governor of a State. Telangana Governor Tamilisai Soundarrajan has the additional responsibility of Union Territory Puducherry also where she holds the powers of Lt.Governor. Incidentally, Tamilisai Soundarrajan was the Tamil Nadu BJP’s State President.

The right-wingers and the Indu Makkal Katchi is misrepresenting an incident that happened in Karaikkal to have happened in Tamil Nadu and using it to blame Dravidian Ideology, their ideological opponent. It is important to note that Indu Makkal Katchi has been involved in similar incidents over the past on various occasions. Moreover, an isolated incident that took place as a result of an individual’s jealousy is being misrepresented as an outcome of an ideology.


The murder incident mentioned by Indu Makkal Katchi did not happen in Tamil Nadu. It took place in the Union Territory of Puducherry.

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