‘Neelam Cultural Center’ posted a false video claiming to have restored an ancient Buddha temple in Karnataka and deleted it later.


Buddhist Ambedkar movement restored the oldest Buddhist temple in Karnataka.



Neelam Cultural Center posted a video on its Twitter page, “Let’s change history. Buddhist Ambedkar movement restored an old Buddhist temple in Karnataka. Jai Bhim slogan with a blue flag!”, in Tamil. Following this, many people are posting this video on social media.

What is the truth?

On September 8, 2022, a festival ‘Bhootayamma’ was held in Ullerahali village of Kolar district, Karnataka. The Dalit community of the village is prohibited from entering the temple till the end of this festival.

Chariots were held during the festival. The 15-year-old son of Shobamma, who belongs to the Dalit community, touched the pole of the chariot in which God’s idol was placed. Enraged by this, the dominant community fined the Dalit family 60,000 rupees for touching the pole of the chariot. They have ordered to pay it by October 1. It received great attention and condemnation.

Various Ambedkar movements are protesting against the caste violence that took place in Ullerahali village. As part of this protest, a member of the Ambedkar movement climbed the remains of the temple tower and flew the blue flag (Ambedkar movement flag). The video is now widely circulated on social media. This was the same video going viral as Buddha Temple.

In this regard, when searching on social media, Ambedkar’s movements involved in the protest have also posted this video on their Twitter accounts. But nowhere does it mention this temple as an ancient Buddhist temple. Also, it is known that this temple belongs to the god Chithranna.

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Meanwhile, Neelam Cultural Center has deleted the video from its Twitter account. When asked about this, they said, “It is not a Buddhist temple, so we have deleted that post.”


In our search, the temple in the video circulating on social media claiming to have rescued the oldest Buddhist temple in Karnataka is false. It is understood that the video of those who took part in the protest against caste oppression hoisting the blue flag on the temple is being wrongly circulated.

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