WhatsApp rumour has it that farmers die in 5 minutes after being bitten by a poisonous insect in Karnataka !


People die 5 minutes after being bitten by this poisonous insect which is more venomous than snake. Share with all groups on WhatsApp. In particular, keep farmers informed.



A photo of an insect along with photos of dead bodies in an agricultural land claiming that they were dead after being bitten by the insect in Karnataka is viral on social media including WhatsApp and Facebook.

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What is the truth?

When reverse searchef the image of the insect, it was found that it is a stinging nettle caterpillar. The fur-like area on the back of this insect is for its defence. If someone touches it, the chemicals released from them can cause skin irritations. No human deaths have been reported from this type of insect which is also found in India.

Also, when searching further with the viral image, information about the Ghonas worm is found. While searching for this Ghonas worm, it has been reported in the news that not only the crops but also humans have been affected by these worms in the agricultural lands of Chandigarh and Beed district of Maharashtra.

People infected with Ghonas worms which are usually found in grass and sugarcane have been hospitalized for itching, swelling and pain. The Beed district agriculture officer has advised spraying Chlorocyber if the worm is more in number. However, no fatalities occurred due to these worms.

Next, while reverse searching the image of the photos of the victims in the viral post, a Youtube video titled “unfortunate death of father and son due to lightning” described the incident as ‘a father and son were killed on the spot in Nahave Shiwar of Chalisgaon Taluk when lightning struck them in the afternoon while they were going to fertilize the crops in the field’ on Zoom Marathi YouTube channel and photos were published on Maharashtra Times website.

The photos of father-son death due to lightning in Maharashtra are merged with the photo of Ghonas worm and are being spread.


It is a WhatsApp rumour that people die within 5 minutes after being bitten by the insect in Karnataka. It is found that the photos of the people dead were of those who died due to lightning in Maharashtra

In two districts of Maharashtra, farmers have been hospitalized due to skin damage caused by Ghonas worms.

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