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Did the female SP persuade them to place the image of Jesus and Mary in the sanctuary?


Female SP persuaded to worship with images of Jesus and Mary in the sanctuary of the Anjaneyar Temple?  The people of Karnataka are angry over the sectarian act of a higher official.

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The photo above shows a female SP forcing a man to worship Jesus and Mary at the Anjaneyar Temple in Karnataka and is being spread with hateful comments in various languages.  We decided to find out about its authenticity. 

In the viral photo is the Sri Veera Anjaneya temple in the Chamarajanagar district of Karnataka. The temple is said to be a place of worship for people of all faiths. A special puja is being held during Ram Temple’s Bhoomi Puja in Ayodhya on August 5.  People invited the district SP to the temple when she was on a flood relief mission in the taluka.

When the special guests who came to the temple were gifted with photographs of Hindu deities, the temple priest gifted a photo of Jesus as SP was a Christian.


The Karnataka State Police has explained that they do not believe the misinformation about the incident.  Since the SP who visited the temple was Christian, she was gifted with a photograph of Jesus. It is said that she did not take any photo and did not force the priest to worship Jesus with the photo. The photo taken during the incident is circulating on social media with misconceptions and a video explained by the temple priest has been attached on a Twitter post.

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A video of the temple priest explaining the incident has also been widely circulated on Twitter. “We at the temple decided to provide a photo of Jesus Christ. The information spread on social media that SP forced me is false. I apologise if this photo has offended the mind of any Hindu”, the temple priest explained.


The incident at the Karnataka temple is being misrepresented due to misunderstanding and planned action. We ask that you do not spread false information.

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