Did Karthik Gopinath say that Annamalai is involved in the money collection?


The temples turned into tents for BJP robbers. Karthik Gopinath, a BJP member and Youtuber, lied that Missionaries broke the idols in the temple and he has stolen the collected amount of Rs.33 lakhs. It is alleged that Annamalai was involved and spent half of the money to satisfy the Central Ministers.

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Avadi police have arrested BJP supporter Karthik Gopinath, who runs a YouTube channel called ‘Ilaya Bharatham’, on charges of embezzling millions of rupees by claiming to be rebuilding damaged idols at the Siruvachur temple.

A few days ago, when BJP leader Annamalai was asked about Karthik Gopinath during a press conference, he responded, “who is he, what he had to do with me and what I had to do with the money laundering at the Siruvachur temple”.

The photos of Karthik Gopinath with Annamalai have been shared on social media since the allegations against him surfaced. However, Annamalai’s tweet that BJP would support Karthik Gopinath when he was arrested went viral.

Following this, a junior Vikatan news card has been circulating on social media that Karthik Gopinath, under the influence of alcohol revealed that Annamalai is involved in money laundering.

What is the truth?

For the past few days, the issue of Karthik Gopinath collecting money using the name of Siruvachur temple has been the talk of social media. The news card, which is currently going viral is dated May 15. Junior Vikatan did not publish such news on that date. It was edited.

Also, Nirmal Kumar, the IT Head of the Tamil Nadu BJP, has posted on his Twitter page that the viral news card is fake.

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Karthik Gopinath has been remanded in court custody for 15 days on a charge of the fraudulent collection of money using the name of Siruvachur temple. Full details of the fund collection in the name of the Siruvachur temple will be released after a police investigation.


It is fake that YouTuber, Karthik Gopinath of the BJP, who had been charged for embezzling Rs 33 lakh from the Siruvachur temple, revealed that Annamalai was also involved in the scam and that half of the money was spent to satisfy the Central ministers.

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