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Edited video of Karunanidhi listening to Mohan C Lazarus’ campaign!


Is this a family prayer meeting? Is he a lord or a businessman where if he gives blessings worth the money? Hereafter the rational speaking crowd should not talk about everything.



On the Facebook page of We Support Maridhas, a 31-second video of the late DMK leader Karunanidhi and many other prominent DMK leaders, including MK Stalin, sitting and listening to Christian pastor Mohan C Lazarus speak at a campaign rally? The said that this video was released a few days ago. This video is approaching one lakh views.

Christian pastor Mohan C. Lazarus has been condemned and ridiculed for his controversial speech. A few years ago he received condemnation for claiming that Hindu temples were the abode of devils. In that regard, we were publishing the article.

In the video above, he said, 10 bundles of seed pods will be harvested accordingly. If you pay just one thousand rupees, the Lord will bless you accordingly. If you give generously to the Lord, the Lord will bless you generously. This is the secret of scripture. So, to be doubly blessed is to be generous though. Only then can the Lord bless. ”

The late DMK leader Karunanidhi, Anbalagan, Stalin and Kanimozhi have been editing the video as Mohan C Lazarus speaks. This is because the difference between the quality of the video that Lazarus speaks is low and the quality of the part where the DMK is is high.

Also, it is noteworthy that such a speech by Mohan C. Lazarus a few months ago has been the subject of criticism and ridicule on social media. You can see the video of that 31 seconds below.

While listening to reverse image search by splitting the edited video featuring Karunanidhi in the Mohan C Lazarus campaign into keyframes by Invid & Weverify, we came to know that it was the video of the poet Vali’s speech posted on the TMS MSV Kalaignar MGR Kamal and ALL Legends Facebook page on January 5, 2017 Scenes are featured. In it, you can see actor Rajinikanth sitting next to Karunanidhi.

Facebook link | Archive link 

They have cut and edited the video without showing actor Rajinikanth sitting near Karunanidhi. They are using a video taken during the Peraringar Anna Centenary Seminar held under the leadership of Poet Vali in the presence of Karunanidhi. In 2018, the full video with 1.25 hours has been released on the Kalaignarist page.

Facebook link | Archive link 


In our search, we came to know that the video of the campaign of Christian pastor Mohan C Lazarus was edited as the DMK listens, including Karunanidhi.

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