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Rs.39 crores to construct the memorial of Karunanidhi, and Rs.32 crores to the Department of school education?


32 crores for the entire department of school education in Tamil Nadu, whereas 39 crores for one memorial.

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It is usual to construct memorials for the late former Chief Ministers in Marina. The political parties including DMK opposed the plan of constructing a memorial for former Chief Minister Jayalalitha with government funds during the ADMK regime. But CM Stalin has announced in the assembly that a memorial for Karunanidhi will be constructed for 39 crores near Anna memorial. The other political parties are expressing their opposition now.

In this situation, an image with Seeman’s photo is being shared on social media claiming that the DMK government has announced 32 crores for the entire department of school education in Tamil Nadu, whereas Rs.39 crore is announced for Karunanidhi’s memorial construction.

What is the Truth?

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DMK Minister K.N.Nehru has tweeted, “Rs.39 crore for the construction of Muthamil Arignar Kalaignar’s memorial as a gesture of appreciating his hard work near Anna memorial was announced under Rule No. 110 by the CM Stalin in assembly today. Here is the model of the memorial”.


When searched for the funds allotted for the school education department, 14th August dated Dinakaran article reports that Rs.32,599 crores announced for school education, 10 new government arts and science college are to be opened, and Rs.5,359 crores allotted for higher education.

The budget released by the DMK government mentioned Rs.32,599.54 crores for the department of school education. However, the budget allotted last time is Rs.1,582 crores higher than what is announced now.


The post that claims only 32 crores for the department of school education whereas 39 crores for construction of Karunanidhi memorial is not true. The fact that Rs.32,599.54 crores allotted for the department of school education is spread as Rs.32 crores.

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