Kaveri river is shared with false claims that it is a magical river visible for a month per year.


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This river of South India appears on the new moon of Pitru Paksha and merges on the new moon day of Deepawali. … only * one month * this river is visible .. then it merges in nature – isn’t it a wonderful miracle of nature!

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A video of a river is circulated widely on social media platforms claiming that it is a South Indian river that appears on the new moon of pitru paksha and will be visible for a month till Deepawali.

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This claim was doing rounds on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Youtube since 2018.

What is the truth?

The viral video seems to be a familiar video from Tamil Nadu. As the claim seems to be a fantasy, we took it for fact-checking.

When reverse-searching the keyframes of the viral video, several videos with the same clipping were found. But the oldest video was found to be from the Reddit website.

The Reddit page has shared a Youtube video which was published on 19, September 2017 on a Youtube channel named ‘Selva Kumar’ with the title ‘Cauvery water entering Tamil Nadu’.

Another video was published on 20, September 2017 on the Youtube channel ‘Agasthiar dotOrg’ mentioning it as Kaveri Darshan Video.

When further searched, Facebook page ‘Milaap’ has merged the viral video clip on one of its videos titled ‘Bringing Cauvery back’ which was posted on 15, March 2020. In this fundraising video, the person in it explains how the local farmers in Tamil Nadu welcome Kaveri and worship the river.

It is a usual custom in Tamil Nadu to welcome the water/river by worshipping it.

On 22, September a Twitter user posted this video mentioning it as ‘River Cauvery is arriving into a village called Mayavaram TN…such a beautiful sight….simply divine’.

No information was found when searching for the river in South India that appears for pitru paksha and that it is visible for a month till Deepawali.


The river in the video is not a magical river that is visible for just a month from pitru paksha till Deepawali as claimed, it is the Kaveri river in Tamil Nadu where people can be seen welcoming it by worshipping the river.

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