KBC contestant giving an incorrect answer to Mahakal Lok’s question is a morphed video


When WhatsApp university alumni Goes to KBC This man lost ₹ 7.5 crore because of the fake propaganda of the BJP. Mahakaal corridor was built by Congress leader Kamalnath Ji during his tenure as CM. Be aware of BJP lies, Malware is dangerous.

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In the above viral tweet, shared the user claims that when WhatsApp university alumni go to the KBC program this is what will happen. In the post, we can see a 44-second video clip where the contestant is asked questions by the host actor Amitabh Bachan, and the person chooses an option that is incorrect and shows a red mark on the screen.

The user went on to claim that this man lost 7.5 crores because of the fake propaganda of the BJP. He also said that Mahakal Lok was built by Congress leader Kamalnath during his tenure as CM. This same post was shared by many users with similar claims which can be seen here and here. Come, let’s check the authenticity of this claim.

What’s the truth?

When we started our research, we found that many people in the comment section pointed out that this was an edited video. We took that as a cue and searched YouTube for the original version.

We came across the 1:21:30 full-length video which is available on YouTube with a title रणनीतिक मैनेजरक्या 7.5 Crores जीतने की रणनीति बना के आये है? | Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 14’ but with a totally different question compared to the viral clip.

When we dug a little deep, we found that, the contestant’s name is Shashwat Goel. He was attempting his final question (17th question) which is worth of 7.5 Crores, unfortuantely he lost it and went home with the 75 Lakh rupees in this episode.

The viral clip matches the original video around the timeline 1 hour 11 Minutes and 42 Seconds (here). Also, the actual question is “Which British Army unit was given the motto ‘Primus in Indis’ because it was the first serve to India”? Interestingly, the viral clip, shows a different question, “Which government constructed the Mahakal Lok located in Ujjain?” We have shared the comparison of both videos for your reference below.

Moreover, when we searched with relevant keywords in the Google, we found out an article published by News18 with a title ‘KBC 14: Shashwat Goel Fails To Answer Rs 7.5-crore Question, Goes Home With Rs 75 Lakh’ on 12 October 2022. When we read the article, we found that the question asked for Rs 7.5 crore is “Which British troop was given the motto Primus in India as it was the first troop to be deployed in the country?.”

Likewise, when we watch and hear the video repeatedly we notice the voice modulation of the host changes which is completely different from the previous portion of the video. This suggests that the audio has been tampered.

This further clarifies that the question asked for the 7.5 crore is not about the Mahakal Lok construction. So, the viral clip is edited with a question that was not asked during the contest and circulated in social media with false narratives.


Therefore, we conclude that the claim saying the contestant lost 7.5 crore due to BJP lies propaganda is fake and misleading. In reality, the question displayed in the viral video is not at all asked during the contest. This proves that the video is doctored and edited with false claims.

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