False information is being spread linking Kerala blasts with the Israel-Hamas war


Understand the chronology carefully! A “Hamas terrorist” in Kerala yesterday asked people to get ready for Jihad, and take to the streets of India. Today 4 bomb blasts rock #केरल Kalamassery, where Jews live. This appears to be a planned terrorist attack…what is on the Jews today, will be on others tomorrow.

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In the Kalamasery area of Ernakulam, Kerala, a special Christian religious prayer meeting attended by 2000 people was bombed three times in succession at the same place yesterday. While 2 people have died in this incident so far, the condition of 6 people is very critical. Another 40 people were injured.

In this case, Khalid Mashal, the main leader of the Hamas organization, participated in the Palestine support rally held in the Malappuram district of Kerala on October 27. A couple of days after this meeting was held, many right-wingers have been propagating this incident as an attack on Jews in Kerala and linking it to the Israel-Palestine war on social media which can be viewed here, here, and here.

What’s the truth?

Analyzing the news reports, Kerala law and order ADGP MR. Ajith Kumar’s video of talking about this incident was found. He said, “On the blast at Zamra International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Kalamassery, one person has surrendered in Kodakra Police Station, in Thrissur Rural, claiming that he had done it. His name is Dominic Martin and he claims that he belonged to the same group of sabha. We are verifying it. We are looking into all aspects of this case. The blast took place in the central part of the hall.”

In this regard, Dominic Martin’s confessional video on his social media page has also been released by The News Minute. Speaking in the video, he said, “My name is Martin, I take full responsibility for this incident. I am the one who carried out the bomb blast there.” he said.

The Hindu reported on Dominic Martin’s speech “I was a ‘non-serious’ member of that congregation for 16 years. Six years ago, I found their teachings to be ‘anti-national’. They instructed children to refuse sweets and food items offered by their classmates. I had requested them to stop this kind of preaching and the religious leadership refused to listen. They ask their congregation members to refrain from singing the national anthem. All this was tantamount to injecting poison into the minds of people, including children.”

Adult members were told by them not to vote and not to join civil or military service. They want others to get sick and teach others to die beside themselves. I had to ‘react’ since I found such teachings dangerous to society.” He had said the same in that video, reported the article.

Thus, this proves that the bombing was not an attack on Jews, but on the Jehovah’s Christian Church. It is learned that Dominic Martin, a member of the same Jehovah’s Christian Church, has confessed and surrendered claiming to be the cause of the incident, and further investigation is underway by the police.


In our research, we have found that the reports circulating that the Kerala blasts were anti-Jewish and that it was due to the presence of a prominent Hamas leader, Khalid Mashal, in a rally in Malappuram district, are false.

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