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Fake news that a Christian couple refused to board the ambulance because there was a Hanuman sticker!


Christian couple dies after refusing to board an ambulance in Kerala

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A Christian couple has refused to board an ambulance in Kerala because of a hanuman sticker, after which a screenshot of an Inshorts message with an ambulance photo has been shared on social media.

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On the official Twitter page of the Hindu Makkal Katchi, they had posted the screenshot. We asked them for that news’s trustable source but now the tweet is deleted.

Fact  check:

On the viralized screenshot page, titled “Kerala Couple Refuse Ambulance With Hanuman Sticker, Dies”, M. Stalin and his wife, Jaycee, who were suffocating for oxygen, looked at the saffron coloured Hanuman sticker and refused to accept the ambulance. An eyewitness said that both of them died shortly after. It is reported that this was published by the Hindustan Times.

A search titled “Kerala Couple Refuse Ambulance With Hanuman Sticker, Dies” turned up no such news. The photo was published in another news item in the Hindustan Times on May 10, while taking a photo alone and doing a reverse image search.

Below the photo, it reads, “Family members and caretakers carry the bodies of those who died of the corona virus in an open crematorium set up for corona virus victims inside an inactive quarry on the outskirts of Bangalore on May 8, 2021.” 

When I searched for the name of the ambulance written as “Prasanna” as Prasanna ambulance service , it was found to be the Ambulance Service Center in Bangalore.

On the Inshorts site, there is no news like the news that goes viral. Furthermore, it was possible to see differences in the title and font as Inshorts.


In our search,  we came to know that the news that A Kerla couple refused to board an ambulance in Kerala because it had a hanuman sticker is fake manipulated news.

A photograph taken while burying the body of a corona victim in Bangalore, Karnataka has an inference sticker on the ambulance. It is possible to know that they are taking that photo and creating and spreading fake religious posts.


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