Did Muslim radicals chase out Muslim girls from college for celebrating Onam?


A video of Hijab clad students dancing to a song as part of the Onam celebration in Kerala became viral recently. Following this, a 9-second video is being spread on social media with a claim that the video is from Kerala’s Kasargod region. The video is being shared with captions that some girls were chased by Muslim fundamentalists because the girls celebrated Onam and celebrating Onam is haram. The video has a written text which mentions Government Higher Secondary School, Palikere. Palikere is a region in the Kasaragod district of Kerala.

The video that is being widely shared by many right-wingers was shared by JianObez on his Twitter account. Mediaan, A lesser known Tamil website, published an article about it mentioning that the incident indeed happen. The article describes that girls studying in a Government school in Kasargod celebrated Onam and the Muslims of that area gathered at the school condemned the girls that what they were doing was Haram.

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What’s the truth?

In the video, a man’s voice is heard saying “you have to get married tomorrow. Who will marry you now? You have no shame or hesitation !”. The words “Onam festival” or “Haram” is not found anywhere in the video.

Moreover, the District Collector of Kasaragod has said in a Facebook post that the alleged event is untrue. The post translates as, “The propaganda on social media that a section of students who came to celebrate Onam at an institution in Kasargod district were abused is untrue. Strict action will be taken against those who spread fake news for hate propaganda.”

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The Kasaragod Police also posted on Facebook warning that strict action will be taken against people who spread the video to create a fake news. The Kasargod Police post translates as, “It has come to the notice of the district police chief that anti-social elements are spreading false propaganda through social media with the intention of disturbing the peaceful atmosphere and communal harmony in the district and the district police chief has directed the cyber cell to intensify cyber patrolling and take strict legal action to identify such people.” The Facebook post from the Kasargod Police also has the tweet that posted the video and called it fake.

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The alleged incident where Muslim girls are being chased away from Government Higher Secondary School, Palikere is fake. The event did not happen.

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