This article is from Jan 28, 2021

Video of Khalistan supporters insulting Indian flag happened in India?




Rumours circulated that the Indian national flag had been dropped and Khalistan flag had been hoisted at the Red Fort during a tractor rally in the capital Delhi on January 26 against the central government’s new agricultural laws.

Similarly, a 2.24-minute video titled “Respect India Please” taken in a crowd of Sikhs carrying the Khalistan flag as an insult to the Indian national flag and the Constitution of India has gone viral.

Many have commented that Khalistan supporters in the name of farmers are insulting the Indian national flag and that stern action should be taken against them. Many of us have been questioning the authenticity of this video by posting it in the comments.

Fact Check:

It is clear that the truck and the area found in the viral Tiktok video not belong to India. The username in the video is ” amanvir_singh5 “.

While researching amanvir_singh5’s Tiktok account, videos taken in the same area were featured. Also, a video released on January 25 stated, ” 7609 Wilbur way, Sacramento, CA 95828. ”

When we searched it through Google Map, it was able to see that the viral video was taken in California, USA and the part featured in the videos.

Many farmers in the capital, Delhi, took place in the tractor rally carrying the Indian national flag. The video of pro-Khalistan Sikhs insulting the Indian national flag was not taken in India.

Pro-Khalistan Sikhs living abroad have engaged in rallies time to time against India and insults the Indian national flag.

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In our search, we were able to find out that the video of Khalistan supporters insulting the Indian national flag was not taken in India and had nothing to do with the farmer’s struggle.

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