This article is from Oct 18, 2020

A collection of rumors circulating after Khushbu joined the BJP!




Troll memes went viral on social media after actress Khushbu joined the Bharatiya Janata Party. At some point troll memes are starting to cross the border. A Fake news card about actress Khushbu has been shared on many social networking sites with insulting and inappropriate words. In this article, we will look at the list of rumours circulating about actress Khushbu.

1. H. Raja does not get tired:

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The news card of the News7 Tamil Facebook page is being shared as that Khushbu said, “H. Raja has never get tired even though I tired for sometimes”. Actress Khushbu has joined the BJP on October 12, regarding this a news card was published on News7, in that news card someone edited words in abusive way and shared on social media following that the edited fake news card went viral on social media.

Real News:

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2. The one who has the strength to endure any number of people – Pon.Radhakrishnan

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An edited news card has been circulated about former Central Minister Pon. Radhakrishnan said as that Khushbu is not an ordinary person and can withstand many people. It was revealed that in a news card released on the Puthiyathalaimurai on October 14 was edited and shared by someone.

Real News:

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3. Khushbu’s explanation about the BJP’s rubbing:

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“It is not wrong same party member rubbing each other and there is nothing wrong with this BJP’s action,” Khushbu was quoted as saying. A news card was posted by Puthiyathalaimurai regarding Tamil Nadu Minister Jayakumar’s comment on actress Khushbu had joining the BJP on October 12. They are edited the real news card and added the wrong message on that news card.

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A photo of Kushbu spreading with a misleading caption by holding a photo of a person standing nearby with her hand on Khushbu’s shoulder while she is talking at the press conference.

The person in the photo above is the brother of actress Khushbu. While Khushbu was talking at the press conference, he came there and put his hand on Khushbu’s shoulder and said something in his ear. The same thing is being misrepresented.

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4. The BJP members attacked by Khushbu

Today, a 12-second video has gone viral claiming that the BJP members has tried to misbehave with Khushbu.

We had earlier published the video of Khushbu going to the Bangalore Parliamentary election campaign last year and a person trying to misbehave with her in a crowd of Congress volunteers.

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After actress Khushbu joined the BJP, fake news cards with false news with insulting words are constantly being spread on the social media.

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