King of Britain Charles AI image with a scoop news goes viral!


King Charles, the reigning king of Great Britain, is suffering from cancer and has waited an hour to see a doctor.

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King Charles III of Britain was released from hospital last month on January 29 following treatment for an enlarged prostate. After receiving this treatment, he was diagnosed with cancer symptoms, according to a statement released by Buckingham Palace on the sixth. However, details such as the prognosis, the cancer’s stage, and the hospital where he was admitted for treatment are not presented in the statement.

Meanwhile, a photo of King Charles in a hospital bed has gone viral on social media, claiming that he spent 24 hours waiting for his cancer treatment. The photo was accompanied by the caption: “Government urged to fix NHS waiting lists after King Charles spent 24 hours on trolley in hospital corridor”.

What is the truth?

A Google reverse image search of the circulating photo of King Charles revealed that it was not a genuine photo.

To determine whether this image was produced by AI, we uploaded it to the Hivemoderation website and used its assessment. It was evident to us that 99.3% of this picture was produced by AI.

This photo and news was first posted on the website News Thump. The site published an article on the 6th, along with the AI ​​photo, stating “Government urged to fix NHS waiting lists after King Charles spent 24 hours on a trolley in hospital corridor”.

So we checked the News Thump website where this news was published. According to the site, “NewsThump is a UK-based satirical and spoof news website. It publishes current events in Britain and around the world. Ultimately our goal is to mock absolutely everyone. It was created purely for entertainment purposes.”

King Charles learned he had cancer when he was brought to a private hospital in London. It’s also notable that it was found in just two weeks.

However, it is known that the News Thump website satirically reported that King Charles was admitted to the hospital for cancer using an AI photo, although cancer patients in Britain who go to the National Health Service have to wait for several days.

Meanwhile, many people are falsely spreading this satirical news on social media believing it to be true.

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The rumored story and image that said British King Charles had to wait a full day in the hospital for his cancer treatment turned out to be untrue, according to our search.

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