Rumour has it that Dhanush’s ‘why this kolaveri’ song is a copy of a Turkish advertisement!


Origin of Kolaveri song is an old Turkish Coca-Cola advertisement.



The song “Why This Kolaveri” written and sung by actor Dhanush for the movie ‘3’ with Anirudh’s music composition went viral and receives worldwide attention. A 2-minute coca-cola advertisement video from Turkey has been shared on social media claiming as the original version of the ‘why this kolaveri’ song.


What is the truth?

Dhanush’s song “Why This Kolaveri” was released on November 17, 2011, on Sony Music India’s YouTube channel. The Coca-Cola advertisement song was released in Turkey after that.

The Turkish version of the song “Why This Kolaveri” was created in 2015 for the Coca Cola advertisement. This has been published on the website campaignindia.

This ad is not featured on Coca-Cola’s YouTube channel. However, the video has been published on other YouTube channels. Many people have shared this video on social media in 2015 mentioning that the advertisement song was created like the ‘Kolaveri’ song.


It is evident that the ‘Kolaveri’ song was not copied from an old Turkish Coca-Cola advertisement wherein the Turkish advertisement song is based on the ‘Kolaveri’ song.

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