This article is from Oct 28, 2021

Is it the video of Muslims screaming to stop Kali temple pooja in Kolkata?


Hundreds of Muslims (peacemakers) gathered in front of Kali Matha Mandir, Kolkata and screamed to stop the pooja performed by Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. Who is stopping whom?

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A 3.42-minute video claiming that hundreds of Muslims gathered in front of a Kali temple in Kolkata, West Bengal and screamed to stop the pooja, is viral across India.

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What is the Truth?

There is no news on Muslims gathering in front of Kali Matha Mandir in Kolkata and protesting to stop the pooja. The comment section of the viral post says that the video belongs to Bangladesh.

When we searched with the keywords from the comment section, a 4.20-minute video dated October 16 was published on the JazaKallah Media Youtube channel describing it as a quarrel between Muslims and Hindus after prayer in Feni.

Feni is located in Bangladesh. When searching for the pictures of the Mosque in Feni, Google Map photos resemble the area that is seen in the viral video.


The video that claimed that Muslims scream in front of Kali temple, Kolkata demanding to stop the pooja is fake and does not belong to India but is from Bangladesh.

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