Does the Kolkata Crematorium have a selfie spot with a board saying ‘I love Keoratola Mahasashan’?


Misspelling mahasmashan, This is evident from the education department’s entire jail (shelfie spot in the crematorium!!).

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An image of the Kolkata crematorium building is shared with the claim that it has a selfie spot with the slogan ‘I Love Keoratola Mahasashan’. This image is shared widely by social media users. Keoratala is a crematorium in the Kalighat area, Kolkata. The viral image was also spread criticizing CM Mamata Banerjee by social media users and the opposition party supporters.

What is the truth?

When searching with relevant keywords on Twitter, we found that the viral image is morphed. A tweet dated 11, April 2023 by DCP South Kolkata’s verified Twitter page clarified that the viral image that is making rounds is a misleading morphed picture of Keoratala Maha Sashan. The tweet also has a collage of original and fake pictures to avoid any further confusion.

The screenshot of the above tweet is found posted on the verified Facebook page of Kolkata Police.

The Times of India reported that Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister of West Bengal asked the police commissioner to take action following which an FIR was registered. “Several people have been propagating fake news since Sunday. I will not allow hate speech. I will accept criticism against me. But there will be action against hate speech,” the CM said. “This is not fake, this is hate,” she said.

The Statesman article reported that after Mamata Banerjee became the CM the area has been renovated with the arrangement for drinking water and toilets. But not the board saying ‘I love Keoratala’ was put up in the crematorium, a senior official of Kolkata Municipal Corporation said.


It is found that the viral image claiming that Kolkata crematorium has a selfie spot with the board saying ‘I love Keoratola Mahasashan’ is false. The image is photoshopped and fake.

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