This article is from Jul 12, 2021

False news published by Dinamalar that Kongu Nadu is being formed and Tamil Nadu is being divided!


Tamilnadu is going to be divided into two. Kongu nadu emerges!



One of the news articles published by Dinamalar daily is currently causing controversy. It has been reported that the western region of Tamil Nadu is becoming a separate union territory called “Kongu Nadu”. Dinamalar’s news has been trolled, condemned on social media.

According to Dinamalar, the Modi government is dissatisfied with the DMK’s chant of “union government” and the Union government is involved in retaliation. Steps have been taken to declare the western part of Tamil Nadu as a separate union territory under the name ‘Kongu Nadu’.

Eeswaran, a member of the Kongunadu Makkal Desiya Party, has spoken out against the word ‘Jai Hind’ in the latest Tamil Nadu Assembly, which has angered the central government. The central government also plans to divide Kongu Nadu into 90 assembly constituencies and declare it a separate union territory like Pondicherry.

Ahead of the Lok Sabha elections in 2024, the formation of the Union Territory of Kongu Nadu is set to begin. The BJP has taken this Union Territory issue in retaliation for those who hate the Union Government and for their party to become a strong party in Tamil Nadu in the future.” The source of this published news is an anonymous New Delhi Reporter.

After reading the news in its entirety, it can be easily understood that the entire content published is based on regional political chit-chats without any credible information. Publishing an article which is solely based on the chit-chats and highlighting it as a major grievance issue is just to stir up a politically influenced controversy. Nothing more. Nothing less.

The AIADMK won most of the seats in the western region in the recent assembly elections in Tamil Nadu. Subsequently, during the second wave of the Corona, the Tamil Nadu BJP launched a campaign that the ruling DMK party is deceiving the people of Coimbatore over its failure to win in the western region. They continued this campaign on Vaccine allotment too (which is baseless and illogical).

If the BJP intends to segregate the western region, the youtuber Maridhas has launched a campaign on social media claiming that the southern districts are being deceived and that the southern districts should be segregated too. Even during the election results, PMK founder Ramdas had said that Tamil Nadu could be divided into three for administrative reasons. The campaign to divide Tamil Nadu is being taken up by certain political parties and their supporters.

When the BJP cabinet was reshuffled, L. Murugan was appointed joint minister. His reference to “Kongu Nadu” being featured had caused controversy on social media. Now, Dinamalar’s report that the BJP is currently planning to divide Tamil Nadu into “Kongu Nadu” in the western region has caused further controversy.

Conclusion :

In our search, the Union government did not declare Kongu Nadu as a separate state or an Union territory. There have been any indications of decisions , reviewing or whatsoever regarding this. But, Dinamalar asserting that it will happen based on chit-chats is decisive.

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