Kreately and others use an old video to make a false claim about removal of Shiv Ling.

Several right-wing social media posts use a video from 2018 to claim condition of Hindus in Stalin’s regime is bad.


Condition of Hindus under Stalin’s rule

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In the 1-minute viral clip we see an old lady trying to stop a Shiv Ling being removed from a site. She can be seen crying while people around her try to console her. This post was shared with claims that the Hindus are living in horrible conditions under the DMK rule headed by M.K.Stalin. Several such claims were made that included “Please save Tamil Nadu from DMK.” These can be seen here and here.

What’s the truth?

While analyzing keyframes of the viral video, we found out that the video is old and from 2018.

Interestingly, the viral video that is shared now has been shared earlier as well to spread misinformation. Back in 2018, the video was claimed to have been from Kerala but India Today had reported back then on September 2018 that it is from Tamil Nadu.

In further search we found out tha the video featured in India Today was actually posted by them on earlier occasion i.e from July 2018 which was a reportage of the protest by the woman.


In the 47th second of that video, we were able to see a vehicle with a ‘VKT Highway Patrol NH45C’ marking on it which was used to take away the protestors. VKT stands for Vikravandi, Kumbakonam and Thanjavur. National Highway NH45C also implies that route section. The route was planned to be widened in 2016 and work began after that.

The India Today article further added, “there were a series of protests in villages along the VKT highway in Tamil Nadu between 2013-2016 as the NHAI tried to remove or relocate some of the ancient temples which fell in the way of a road project.”

So, here are the things to note from this:

  • The video was shot in 2018.
  • AIADMK was in power back then.
  • The Shiv Lingam was removed to make way for a road expansion.
  • It was announced by Mansukh Mandaviya, Union Minister of State, in Rajya Sabha in a written reply.
  • NHAI is overseen by the Union Government.

But the 2018 video is now shared by falsely claiming that it was taken recently during the current DMK regime and; the M.K.Stalin administration is destroying temples and puts Hindus in misery. There is an ongoing narrative that the DMK is against Hindus and Hindu Temples for which series of misinformation are spread. We have covered many of them which can be seen below.


The viral video is actually from 2018 when AIADMK was in power. It was taken during a road widening project announced by the Union Government. DMK was not involved in it.

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