Sonali Bendre’s images falsely shared as famous designer’s note before death.


World’s most famous fashion designer and writer, Crisda Rodriguez, wrote this article before she passed away from cancer:

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Krysta Rodriguez is an American singer and actress. The news that she recently died of cancer and the last words claiming to be written by her is going viral on social media. The posts also have pre and post treatment photos attached to them.

The post also mentions, “This house, this car, this jet, this furniture, so many bank accounts, so much reputation and fame, none of them are useful. None of all valuables could give me relief. The real meaning of life is about knowing our Savior JESUS CHRIST, serving Him is the best thing that we can do. JESUS is the answer for everything. He alone can satisfy our life.” Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here, here and here.

What is the truth?

When reverse searching the viral images it is found that the person in the photos is not American actress Krysta Rodriguez, but the actress Sonali Bendre. It can also be seen that the actress Krysta Rodriguez’s name is wrongly mentioned as Crisda Rodriguez in the shared viral posts.

With further search, Sonali Bendre’s post on her official Instagram page on June 6, 2021, is found. It reads “How time flies… today when I look back, I see strength, I see weakness but most importantly I see the will to not let the C word define how my life will be after it…You create the life you choose. The journey is what you make of it… so remember to take. #OneDayAtATime and to #SwitchOnTheSunshine #Cancer Survivors Day”.

And in a post on her Instagram page dated July 4, 2018, she mentioned that “…she has been diagnosed with a high grade cancer that has metastised…”

It is known that she suffered from cancer in 2018 and then received treatment at a hospital in New York City, fully recovered from Level 4 – Metastatic breast cancer in 2021 and is currently healthy through the news published by The Hindustan Times and NDTV.

So the photo circulating on social media claiming that the actress is dead is false. It is known that the photo is the one she posted in 2021 mentioning that she recovered from cancer.

When searching for the actress Krysta Rodriguez, an article published by Media Mass is found mentioning that Krysta Rodriguez is alive and the death hoax about her is dismissed since the Actress Is ‘Alive And Well’.

We also found a video of a fashion blogger, Kyrzayda Rodriguez who died of cancer has made similar statements like the one in the viral posts. Hence the statements similar to what is said by Kyrzayda Rodriguez is shared alongside the photos of actress Sonali Bendre.

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In our search, it is found that the person in the photo circulating on social media with the claim related to cancer is not the famous American actress Krysta Rodriguez, but the actress Sonali Bendre. And it is known that both of them suffered from cancer, recovered after treatment and are now healthy.

A fashion blogger, Kyrzayda Rodriguez made statements similar to the one in the viral posts before her death due to cancer. Altered statements by Kyrzayda Rodriguez is shared along Sonali Bendre’s image. It was also claimed that the actress Krysta Rodriguez died of cancer but it is not true.


We found the details of a fashion blogger Kyrzayda Rodriguez who made similar statements as in the viral posts. And we have updated the article with the details found.

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