Rumour spread by BJP members that the government bus driver is driving the bus in religious attire. What is the truth?




Kerala BJP leader K Surendran tweeted, “This photo (24.05.2022) is from the Kerala RT’s fast passenger bus from Thiruvananthapuram to Mavelikkara. Where is the uniform? Is it the new uniform of the KSRTC drivers? Who knows whether some of the Police & Fire Force officers will come to duty in this uniform?”, along with a photo.

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The photo has gone viral with harsh criticism that the Islamic driver was driving the bus without a government uniform, wearing a hat on his head, a towel around his neck and a long white kurta. The photo has been shared on Twitter not only in Kerala but also in Tamil Nadu.


What is the truth?

Looking closely at the viral photo shared by the BJP members, it can be seen that he is not wearing a long white kurta-like dress, but a blue shirt and pants. He has a white towel spread on his lap. Besides, the person in the photo is in the uniform of a Kerala government bus driver.

In 2015, the Kerala government announced a change from khaki uniforms to sky blue shirts and dark blue pants for bus drivers and conductors. Consequently, the drivers and conductors of the bus have been wearing the same blue uniform for the last 7 years.

Following the driver’s photo turning viral, KSRTC conducted an investigation and found that the driver, P.H.Ashraf was wearing a government-prescribed uniform. The photo was taken while Ashraf was driving a bus from Thiruvananthapuram to Mavelikkara on May 25, and is being spread with misinformation.

After the controversy over the photo of the KSRTC bus driver by the BJP members, the photo of the driver Ashraf in uniform is being shared on social media.


It is evident that the BJP members are spreading the rumour that the Islamic driver from Kerala was wearing a religious attire while driving when he actually was wearing a blue shirt, and dark blue pants and had spread a white towel on his lap.

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