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Did KT Raghavan say we will win 660 seats?


Interview with BJP General Secretary KT Raghavan, he says “If we compete alone in Tamil Nadu election, we will win in 660 places! ”

kt raghavan 660

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According to an interview given by the state general secretary of the Tamil Nadu BJP KT Raghavan, if the BJP stands alone, we will win 660 seats. That newspaper page has been teased and shared on social media.

kt raghavan 660

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Recently, Tamil Nadu BJP leader L Murugan also said that the BJP would win 60 seats if it stood alone in election. According to KT Raghavan, it is understandable that such a viral newspaper is being edited in a photo by adding 6 on the 60 and it can be understood by looking closely at the page.

kt raghavan 660

Speaking to reporters in Villupuram, KD Raghavan said that even if the BJP contests the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections alone, it will win more than 60 seats. As far as Tamil Nadu is concerned, the BJP is still in the AIADMK alliance, ”The Dinamani reported on September 5, 2020. However, it is unknown at this time the edited newsprint is cropped from which newspaper.

kt raghavan 660

KT Raghavan also shared a photo of the newspaper going viral on his Facebook page and mentioned it as fake news.

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In our search, it is learned that the BJP general secretary KT Raghavan had said that we would win 660 seats in Tamil Nadu if we contested alone is fake news.

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