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Rumor circulating about the death of fashion designer Kyrzayda Rodriguez!


World-renowned designer Kyrzayda Rodriguez. She recently died of cancer. The last words she wrote.

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Many social media users sharing and spreading the famous fashion designer Kyrzayda Rodriguez post on social networking sites, including Facebook, with a photo of a woman being treated at a hospital, with words written before her death stating how much wealth she had before she died of cancer and how she was facing death in hospital.

As the post was acceptable it was emotionally shared by thousands. However, we decided to find out about the authenticity of the record.

Fact Check:

Searching with the name of Kyrzayda Rodriguez mentioned in the post, we found the Instagram page of Kyrzayda Rodriguez and looked at the photos that are uploaded in it, it is possible to understand that they are different people which do not match with the viral photo.

Kyrzayda’s last words were also seen on the web page in English at 40-year-old Kyrzayda Rodriguez is an Instagram celebrity who specializes in modelling and fashion design, she was diagnosed with stomach cancer and treated for 10 months then she died in September 2018.

Instagram archive link 

Many of them shared that the Kyrzayda Rodriguez has posted on her Instagram page that the last words. However, no post has been uploaded like that. While examining the final posts of Kyrzayda’s Instagram page, she did not share any information as it was spread on the social networking site.

Following this, while searching for who is in the photo that is linked to the viral post, the photo is featured in the post of a woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017 and shared her treatment journey on a website called ambrygen.

Stories that was emotionally linked to the people are rapidly reaching in social media, but mean time false stories are also gaining more popularity. It is noteworthy that before this, a fake story spreading that emotionally about Hollywood actor Arnold.

Rumour has it that Arnold slept in front of his statue because he was being denied a room in the hotel… Read more here.


In our search, we are able to find out that it is true that the fashion designer Kyrzayda Rodriguez died of cancer but the post spreading as the last words before her death were false information and the photo belonged to another woman.

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