Lady seen in the video of protest by Hindutva is misidentified as Manipur Governor.


Why is the Manipur Governor attending a RSS sponsored meeting spreading hate against the minority Kukis?

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A video purportedly showing a protest against Kuki narcoterrorism in Manipur is widely circulated to claim that the woman in the video is Anusuiya Uikey, Governor of Manipur. The viral posts claim that the Manipur Governor is attending an RSS-sponsored meeting spreading hate against the minority Kukis. Congress supporters are seen sharing the video with the same claim. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here, here and here.

What is the truth?

When searching to know if Anusuiya Uikey, Governor of Manipur attended the protest against Narco terrorism of the Kuki community, we found that the woman seen in the video is not the Governor of Manipur.

Manipur Police quoted the viral post to clarify that the lady seated is not the Governor of Manipur. The post further states that FIR will be taken up at the cyber crime police station and Twitter was requested to take down the post.

Cyber Crime Manipur X page posted a comparison of the photo of the lady seen in the video with that of the Manipur Governor. The post states that the Governor of Manipur is actively involved in promoting peace in the state and regularly engages with members of both communities.

“Any negative portrayal of her impartial role could hinder the ongoing peace process. Additionally, it is important to note that the woman in the video is not the Governor of Manipur. We kindly urge everyone to refrain from spreading false information and only contribute to the peace process”, it further adds.

RajBhavan Manipur X account also denied the claim mentioning that the woman in the video is not the Governor of Manipur, nor has the Governor attended any such meeting. The post further adds that a complaint is being filed on behalf of Raj Bhavan to DGP Manipur and SP Cyber Cell Imphal for taking appropriate action under IT Act and IPC against hurting the dignity of the Governor and making unrestrained publicity.

This video was shared with false claims by a Congress-supporting account GeetV on August 19 and is amplified by other Congress supporters. But we found multiple social media posts dated August 10 carrying the viral video. None of these posts mention that the Manipur Governor attended the protest.

These posts mention that the protest was organised by Hinduta organisations including Hind Sena, Bharat Raksha Manch, and Rastrahit Sarvopari Sangathan. Sohan Giri from Rastrahit Sarvopari Sangathan also posted a set of visuals from the protest with no mention of the Manipur Governor.


It is found that the lady seen in the video of protest against Marco terrorism is not Manipur Governor as claimed.

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