No, the video doesn’t show the human liver in the coke soak experiment


This is exactly how your liver reacts when you drink coke

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In the viral tweet along with a video of 44 seconds, we were shown a liver kept inside a container and then a person wearing black gloves pours the soft drink Coca-Cola inside the box. After the liver gets immersed in the drink the person closes the container and keeps it aside for a full night. Later, he opens the box after a day and shows how brittle, torn, and dilapidated the condition of the liver after soaking it in the coke for 24 hours. This viral clip is shared by many users with similar claims stating to keep liver safe and such posts can be seen here and here. Come, let’s check the authenticity of this viral claim.

What’s the truth?

When we started our research using the keyframes from the viral clip, we stumbled upon an article published by an Indonesian website namely “” with the title ‘Experiment on Soaking Pork Liver Using Fizzy Drinks, The Results Are Horrifying!’

According to the article, this was an experiment conducted by a Tik Tok user. The experiment is of soaking pork liver in a fizzy drink for a full night to see the changes. Fizzy drinks contain a lot of sugar and several other chemical additives. To prove this, one of the TikTok users, @Mascarado2fit, conducted an experiment using liver from pigs.  This proves that the soaked liver in the Coco Cola belongs to pig and not a human liver.

Here the user, Mascarado put a whole pig’s liver in a Tupperware box. He then poured a fizzy drink until it soaked all the pork liver.

After that, the pork liver is stored and covered for 24 hours. As a result, when Mascarado opened the container, he found that the color of the fizzy drink had not changed at all.

But what surprised him was the change in the texture and color of the pork liver which became terrible. The dark red color of the liver changes to pale whitish. The outer part of the liver becomes torn and has rough holes. This drastic change within 24 hours has made netizens horrified and reluctant to consume fizzy drinks again.

Meanwhile, we got an article from hepatologist Sajid Jalil, MD from Ohio State University with a title addressing, ‘The other drink that’s bad for your liver.’ The article covers how drinking a sugary drink affects your liver, what is fatty liver disease, and how often can you have a sugary beverage and not harm your liver. It also explains the symptoms of a struggling liver and how to prevent it.

According to the article, “drinking one or more sugar-sweetened beverages daily for five to seven years can lead to fatty liver disease.” This means if you are consuming Coke religiously for more than 5-7 years period your liver will definitely get affected.

However, if you are drinking one sugar drink per week that won’t be a problem to your liver.

This clearly proves that drinking coke on weekly basis doesn’t affect your liver rather if you consume on daily basis for more than 5 years it will damage your liver indefinitely.

We also contacted Dr. Praveen from Youturn to get an insight about the consumption of soft drinks on a daily basis. He said, Coke and other soft drinks contain carbonated water and high sugar. It has eroding property so in direct contact all these soft drinks will have an erosion effect. Drinking it will not have the effect shown in the video because our body will digest and absorb sugar and other carbohydratesand eliminate carbon dioxide.

However excess soft drinks will increase more carbohydrate load and lead to fatty liver due to more deposition in the liver. This fatty liver can cause liver issues over the course of time.He also added, “Soft drinks are not essential to our routine life since they contain more calories for the quantity due to added sugar and it’ll increase obesity, fatty liver, and other metabolic diseases.


Therefore, we conclude that the above viral video doesn’t show a human liver rather it’s a pig’s liver in the experiment. Moreover, the organ is removed and placed outside the body, means its not alive and it is a dead organ. And also if you are not drinking Coke regularly for years, you need not worry.

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