LORD RAM’S name has no connection with the naming of RAM cars.


The Hindi tweet roughly translates to “ Look at the glory of the Lord.. USA has launched a new vehicle whose brand name is RAM”

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There is a new visually appealing photo of a car with the name RAM as its logo widely circulated on social media. The tweet further boasts with claims that look, America has named the car “RAM” after hearing the gloriousness of our Hindu god Lord Ram. Many users have shared this tweet with similar messages which can be viewed here, here and here.


After seeing multiple tweets with the same claims, Youturn decided to fact-check whether Lord Ram really has any connections with the viral image of the car named RAM.

What is the truth?

When we started our research with keyframes like ‘RAM’ cars we stumbled upon this page on the internet namely ‘Miracle’ which seems like a website having brief accounts of these RAM cars.

While we read through the page, we came to know more about this RAM company and its backstory. The 2020 RAM 1500 truck was once a Dodge Ram D150. Yes, Dodge and Ram used to be one company, which explains any Ram truck before 2009 has the Dodge and Ram logos slapped on their bodies.

Since 2009, Ram has become its own brand and is now considered one of today’s best-selling trucks.

History of RAM:

Dodge was making vehicles since 1917, but their 1981 pickups were the first ones to sport the Ram name. So Dodge decided to design their vehicles with a ram’s head hood ornament on the trucks after Lee Iacocca, Chrysler’s President and CEO, at the time considered him as a good luck for the vehicle. Lee Lacocca, well known as the visionary of automobile industry later saved the drowning Chrysler from its bankruptcy.

The Dodge company earlier used the RAM (male sheep) figure in some of the cars along with their logos.

But when we intensified our research, we came to this page namely ‘Auto Influence’ which details the Dodge company’s usage of the hooded heads of RAM on their vehicle.

The Ram hood figure of the (male sheep head) ornament was originally used as a hood on Dodge trucks starting in 1933 and lasted until 1950. This is to symbolize their strength and rugged build nature. Then, by the 1950s Dodge stopped using the ram hood ornament.

However, in October 2009, Dodge and Ram announced that they would no longer be working together. After splitting, RAM has built its own brand image and vision for what its today. While Ram has been able to focus more on creating trucks, Dodge has focused on producing quality vehicles in the car world.


Thus, it is perfectly clear that RAM cars is not a new launch by the American government. Likewise, after reading the above history, it is understandable that the RAM cars are inspired by the male sheep Ram which is known for its power and strength and not Lord Ram.


Therefore, we conclude that the USA didn’t launch any new cars called RAM. The RAM cars have a long history from 1981. Moreover, the Hindu god Lord Ram’s name has nothing to do with the naming of this car RAM. This car is named after the male sheep Ram which symbolises strength and force

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