‘Love Jihad’ conversion rate card is more than a decade-old fake news


Love jihad is real

But they are trying to brush it off

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An image of a printed paper is shared claiming to be a rate card to convert Hindus to Islam religion. The paper shows a rate list for each category of Hindu women based on caste. A newspaper clipping is also shared with a similar claim that “monetary payout is given to Muslims in India to marry a Hindu girl love Jihad and then converted to Islam. Rate card says: Hindu Brahmin girl – 500000 Inr (6000 usd) Hindu kshatriya girl 450000 inr (5500 usd) and the list goes on”. Some of the posts with such claims can be seen here, here, and here.

What is the truth?

When searching the keywords from the claim it is found that more than a decade-old fake news is resurfacing now following the ‘Shraddha murder case’.

The ‘Hindustan Times’ article dated 27, October 2014 reported an incident of police questioning two men in connection with the pamphlet on the love jihad rate card which also has been circulating through WhatsApp and emails.

The original coloured version of the viral claim is found published on the ‘Sikh and Islam’ blog on 5, February 2010. The same fake information is mentioned in the newspaper clipping as well.

“While most of the phone numbers start with the country code, +92 (Pakistan), the postal addresses belong to the Muslim political organization Popular Front of India. The Bangalore, Kozhikode, and Chennai offices of the organization have been listed on the pamphlet”, mentions the ‘Hindustan Times’ article. The PFI members denied printing or sharing the conversion rate card mentioning that it is shared since 2011.


It is found that the ‘love jihad’ conversion rate card being circulated on social media for more than a decade is fake.

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