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Unrelated photos spread with a false love jihad story!


So many times we tell them not to fall into the illusion of love jihad, why they are not listening to us. College studies, mother-father affection is all in vain, when the lust is over, it is pity that they broke her arms and legs and threw them in his suitcase.



We saw a viral post with 4 photos of a Muslim youth who fell in love with a Hindu woman and killed her and stuffed her in a suitcase. The post on Vijayakumar’s Facebook page claims this Love Jihad story and it has been shared by thousands. However, no details or news were linked to where the murder took place. Therefore, we decided to explore its authenticity.

Fact Check

While taking a photo of the couple alone and doing a reverse image search, both photos of the couple are featured on the Arya Engineer Twitter page on July 28, 2020. In a Twitter post, the couple mentions Lavi Joshi and Mohammad Pasha from Gorakhpur Selawk area in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Although this post also mentions Love Jihad, it does not mention that the girl is dead.

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On July 27, India Today reported that the body of an unidentified woman had been found in a suitcase in the Dashashwamedh area of Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, while searching for a photo of police around the suitcase containing the woman’s body.

The Times of India reported on August 4, “The body of the woman in the suitcase during the police investigation belonged to a recently married woman named Varsha. It was first reported that Varsha’s mother and brother had reported that she had been abused by her husband and his parents for dowry. However, it has been revealed that the body of the deceased woman has been misidentified as Varsha and the case has been re-investigated.

The couple in the photo, which is being spread as Love Jihad, resides in the state of Uttarakhand, where the body of a dead woman was found in a suitcase is different from the state of Uttar Pradesh. According to reports, an investigation is underway into the identity of the woman in the suitcase and the cause of death. Also, the couple in the viral photo name is not Lavi Joshiand Mohammed. She is not dead, she is alive.

Surabi Chauhan and Ehkam Farid are getting married in June 2020. The woman’s family has no interest in this marriage. The rumours circulating on social media that the woman had died were completely false and that she is safe and sound, ”Dehradun’s Patel Nagar police told Boom Live.


In our search, we can find out that the photo of the married couple, which is being spread as Muslim youth who fell in love with a Hindu woman and killed her and stuffed her in a suitcase, and the photo of the body of the dead woman in the suitcase are unrelated to each other and the fake story is going viral.

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