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Netizens teasing that Loyola College land is owned by the temple and its lease is expiring soon! Showing Property Tax Arrear as proof!


The lease of the temple land ends this year. Loyola College Tax Payment Notice. If you think the renewal should be stopped please share widely. Metropolitan Chennai Corporation Revenue Department

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A post regarding Loyola College land claiming that “The land of Loyola College, Chennai is owned by the temple and its lease expires this year, and the Metropolitan Corporation of Chennai Revenue has shared a notice to Loyola College on social media that its renovation should be stopped”

Youturn readers also asked us to comment on its authenticity. The post was initially shared in January when the reader searched for the post, it is currently spreading again.

Fact Check:

Since 2019, some social media users have been spreading rumours on social media that the location of Loyola College is owned by the famous Shiva Temple in Chennai and that the 96-year lease for the college land expires in 2021.

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Currently, they are spreading rumours again in 2021 with the notice issued by the Metropolitan Corporation of Revenue and claiming that “Loyola College’s 96 – year lease is set to expire in 2021”. The notice issued by the Revenue Department of the Metropolitan Corporation of Chennai was issued only for the property tax arrears to be paid by Loyola College and it is mentioned only about tax.

Searching for the notice, News18 reported on January 30, 2020, that the corporation had posted a notice warning Loyola College not to pay property taxes to the corporation.

“The management of Loyola College in Nungambakkam has not paid property tax of Rs. 96,46,688 to the Chennai Corporation for four and a half years,” the notice stated. Information regarding this notice has been published in many news articles on that day.


In our search, the information that “the Loyola College property was occupied at temple land and its lease is about to expire this year” is false information.

The Metropolitan Corporation of Chennai Revenue has issued the notice in 2020 due to Loyola College property tax arrears. It is learned that what was issued in 2020 was just a property tax notice but that property tax notice was being misrepresented as a renewal of the temple land lease by some social media users.

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