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Photo of a Shivalinga tree in Madagascar! What’s the truth?


A tree that appears in the form of a Shiva lingam on the island of Madagascar, a rare island nation known as the Eighth Continent in the African Ocean.

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We were able to see the photo being shared on social media, claiming that it was a tree that appeared in the form of a Shiva lingam in Madagascar, showing the tree that had been stripped by Photoshop.

Although it can be understood as an ordinary tree by those who see it, many ordinary people think it is true and comment and share it as “Om Namachchivaya”.

Fact Check:

This type of tree called baobab is found not only in Madagascar and other African countries but also in Australia. In baobab trees, the trunk is thick and elongated and the branch area is short.

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Baobab trees are one of the most important trees in Africa. There is a total of 9 species of baobab trees. Baobab trees are said to be more than a thousand years old. But the oldest baobab trees are dying due to climate change.

Any people who are sharing the photo of the striped photo in Photoshop claiming that the cylindrical base of the Baobab trees is in the shape of a Shivalinga. We don’t know if they did this for fun. But, many people think this is true.

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In our search, we can see that the tree in the photo, which is spread as a Shivalinga-shaped tree in Madagascar, is one of the most common baobab trees in Africa.


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